Persian Rug Cleaners

Persian Carpet Rug Cleaners 

persian carpetThe Persian carpet is masterpieces of design. They have been nurtured for centuries and date right back to the olden days. A Persian carpet is an art form that dates back over 2500 years to the Iranian carpet weaver. Throughout the centuries, the past talents have grown and developed into the modern Persian rugs of today. For the past 2500 years. What can you do to protect your Oriental or Persian Rug?

Rug Care and Cleaning

Your Oriental Rug, or as some may refer to it, Oriental Carpet is a valuable investment, and with proper care, it will last a very long time. It would be best if you vacuum the oriental rugs at least once a week. A build-up of soil in your carpet will cause fibre damage. Also, Sand is especially damaging as it cuts the fibres when trodden in. Be careful vacuuming the fringes with a beater brush vacuum cleaner as this can cause significant damage and unravelling. Make sure the brush is combing the edge away from the rug.

  • Move your Rug once a year.

Sunlight over time will fade and damage dyes in textiles. If your rug is in sunlight, rotate it once a year. Doing this will reduce the apparent effects of fading.

  • Spot and Stain Removal.

Facts About the Persian Carpet

The Persian rug acknowledged for hundreds of years. Its artistic beauty displayed in museums, homes of the wealthy, and palaces for a century. The original Persian rug was undoubtedly not the luxurious masterpiece of design; it is so known today. Instead, its origins are humble. The Persian rug was a requirement created by tribal women to keep the members of the tribe warm during the freezing winters.

The skill of making Persian rugs passed down through the generations, with family secrets in style and being closely guarded design.

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