Carpet Buying Guide


carpet buyingBuying Carpet Guide

  • No one’s material or style is superior to another overall when carpet buying
  • The number of factors determines what is best for your property. Including where the carpet will be, who is using it, how much traffic it receives, and the size of your budget.
  • Great-quality nylon can now imitate the luxurious look of wool, with the addition of stain resistance.
  • Never buy a new carpet without also purchasing new underlay.
  • Any style and material of carpet can last forever if you spend enough money on it. However, when working within a budget, this includes wool, nylon, and polypropylene carpets, it’s crucial to choose a style that is durable even at the lower price points. For example, many Berbers offered at lower price points are still relatively durable. Berbers often cost less because of the olefin fibre content and the production process. All styles of carpet start as looped. For cut-piles, the tips of the loops are sheared off. Berbers do not need to undergo this step of the process, so they are less costly to produce. To help with your budget, avoid cut and loop styles. Generally, these styles are more expensive and not as durable as other styles mentioned below.

Purchasing the wrong carpet can be a costly mistake if you don’t choose intelligently. The following information will arm you with all the info you need before you take the plunge.


  • Why are Berbers considered to be so durable? It is because the most substantial part of a fibre is the side, rather than the top. When a fibre is looped around, it is the side of the fibre that is exposed to foot traffic (because the “ends” are tucked into the backing). Therefore, you are always walking on the most substantial part of the fibre. Frieze is another hardy style of carpet that will generally offer excellent durability at a lower price. Friezes consist of longer fibres that feature a high twist level, which increases the fibre strength. Additionally, because the fibres are longer, they tend to lean over to the side. This means that much of the foot traffic occurs on the side of the fibres, which, as we just learned, is a good thing.

Carpet Pros and Cons for Asthma and Allergies

Carpet is multipurpose, keeps your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, is slip-free (particularly advantageous for the elderly), provides a quieter indoor environment and is relatively simple to maintain. The jury’s out, but there is also some evidence to suggest that it helps allergic individuals by trapping dust mites (see allergies).

Carpet Prices

Carpet buying is usually priced by the broadloom meter of 1 m x 3.66 m. Make sure you convert to square meters when comparing carpet prices to other floor coverings, for example, tiles or timber.

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