Loop Pile and Cut Pile Carpet

Loop Pile and Cut Pile Carpet Care

Loop PileLoop pile carpets made of individual strands of yarn pulled through the carpet backing twice, creating a small loop. Loops can either be all the same height (level loop pile) or two to three different measurements (multi-level or modulated loop pile) that creates a pattern. Carpets with low-level loop pile are best suited to high-traffic areas and are comparatively easy to maintain. The multi-level loop gives a more textured appearance and is becoming increasingly popular.

Loop pile tends to give a more casual look and is less susceptible to footprint marks and shading (the appearance of irregular light and dark areas) than cut-pile carpets.

Popular loop styles

  • The Berber carpets, which have thick yarns, are tufted into chunky loop tufts, usually in earthy tones with a ‘flecked’ appearance – excellent for hiding stains.
  • Sisal-style/cord carpets have tighter loops than Berbers, creating a stiffer feel. The loop lines can be either all the same height or alternating heights. These carpets are suitable for high-traffic areas.

Cut Pile Carpet 

In cut pile carpets, loops are cut at the top, leaving tufts of yarn standing straight up. Cut pile has a more luxurious, formal look compared to the loop pile.

Popular cut styles include:

  • Velvet/ Plush carpets, which are smooth, soft and elegant. These loops cut several times, creating a velvety sheen. However, this also shows every footprint, so it is the best in a formal area.
  • Saxony carpets are similar to velvet but not relatively as smooth.
  • Twist carpets have tightly twisted fibres that curl slightly at the pile surface. They hide footprints and vacuum marks, making them suitable for high-traffic areas.

Combination of Cut and Loop Pile

These carpets have a combination of cut and looped yarns and can create sculptured effects such as squares, swirls and so on.

This effect is good for hiding dirt and footprints.

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