Clean Carpet/ DIY Methods

The Best Way To Clean Your Carpet

clean a carpet

For instance, you don’t have to rent or buy a machine to clean your carpet and eliminate stubborn stains. If your house has rugs and kids or pets, you must know what cleaning methods you use to clean the carpet.

Similarly, you can deep clean your carpet without a machine if you have a spill. Having a vacuum is better; you can get the job done.

Hot water extraction or “steam” cleaning is the most well-known cleaning method for residential use. Successful cleaning by these machines mainly depends on the operator’s experience. Improper application can leave the carpet dry enough. Causing possible decontamination like:

  • It will develop an odour from mould, mildew and fungi.
  • That the Browning, colour run and shrinkage.
  • Other related problems.

It can happen in repeated, high-volume use or “traffic lanes” areas. There may need to be more than one or two cleaning passes to enhance such areas’ appearance. Attempts to clean them repeatedly can cause overwetting and its related problems.

The obvious conclusion is that DIY cleaning methods differ from professional carpet cleaning services like Auckland Carpets Steam ‘n’ Dry.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Methods 

  • Suppose the spot is wet, blot. Indeed, do not rub. Rubbing will spread the soil.
  • If the site is dry, loosen the soil and vacuum before moistening it.
  • Always rinse the cleaned area thoroughly. If not removed, cleaning products may cause the cleaned area to attract dirt.
  • When taking out stains, always use a white cloth.
  • Clean spots and stains immediately. You will have a much better chance of removing them.
  • Auckland Carpets Steam ‘n’ Dry dilute according to the direction when using any cleaner. A mixture that is too potent may cause damage.
  • You cannot remove every stain. Consult your Carpet Cleaning professional for cleaning options.
  • Always test surfaces before cleaning. Apply the cleaning solution to a hidden area of the same material. After five minutes, if the material’s colour transfers to a towel. Then try another product.
  • Carpet shampoo is good to have on hand and is available at most hardware stores.
  • A mild mineral spirit solution is helpful for many household cleaning applications.
  • Set a clean, absorbent cloth over the wax stain for wax dropped on the carpet or upholstery. After that, hold a hot iron on it, lift the fabric away, and remove the wax with the material.

Tips On How To Clean The Carpet And Remove Stains

  • Firstly, scrape off any solids. Blot liquids quickly, dabbing lightly with a clean white or paper towel.
  • Thus, to remove greasy stains, apply a nonflammable dry-cleaning agent to the spot with a white towel—work from the edges toward the centre. However, don’t scrub. Dab gently until the site comes clean. Always pretest any cleaning agent on a remote part of the carpet and let it dry before continuing.
  • Coat less stubborn greasy stains with aerosol shaving cream or carbonated water. Use a hairdryer to speed dry. Then vacuum.
  • Additionally, you can sprinkle a greasy stain with baking soda, cornstarch, cornmeal, or talcum powder. Leave for at least 6 hours, then vacuum.
  • To remove water-soluble stains, apply some detergent solution from the edges to the stain’s centre. Place several layers of white tissue or paper towels over the spot—weigh down with books, pots, and pans.
  • Furthermore, let it stand for about one hour. Replace it with new tissues or towels and leave it all night. After that, fluff up the carpet pile with your fingers.

Last updated: 26/April/2024 By  Graeme Stephens