Carpet Cleaning Methods

Auckland Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning MethodsBefore cleaning carpeting, it may be helpful to understand some carpet cleaning methods. Besides, cleaning a particular carpet is dependent on a range of factors. Indeed, all carpet cleaning methods offer various advantages. However, some have limitations. Yet, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry offers truck-mounted carpet cleaning, portable apartment steam, and dry cleaning.

No single carpet cleaning method is superior to all others. Adequately performed under appropriate conditions, each method can provide satisfactory results. Often, several ways are combined to achieve the desired results.

Carpet and rugs found on the floors of residences and commercial buildings still represent a substantial investment. In light of this, is it not wise to maintain them correctly?
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Auckland Steam N Dry Carpet Cleaning Methods

auckland carpet cleaning MethodFurthermore, like all textile materials, a carpet’s beauty and life depend primarily on care. Proper maintenance can add years of attractive appearance. Next, the area of the rug determines specific maintenance procedures for the carpet. Above all, adequate care involves regular vacuuming and periodic cleaning by methods such as:

  •  Hot water extraction
  •  Shampooing
  •  Bonnet cleaning
  •  Foam cleaning, etc.

On the other hand, regular vacuuming is essential as it removes particulate soil that damages the fibres. Also, it maintains the surface appearance of a carpet and keeps the soil level in a pile at an acceptable level. Indeed, it removes only particulate soil and surface dirt.

Therefore, other cleaning methods are periodically required to improve the carpet’s appearance. Of course, wet cleaning methods are better for removing oils, greases and other forms of matter that cause soiling on the mat. In short, these methods are used by professional cleaners and trained personnel.

Hot Water Extraction or “Steam” Cleaning

Subsequently, the hot water cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet and immediately extracted by a wet vacuum. Moreover, extraction equipment can be either portable or truck-mounted. Precisely, the latter is more robust in terms of spray pressure. In particular, the heating capabilities and power of the vacuum pumps. Indeed, hot water extraction is also called “steam” cleaning. In other words, this is a misnomer as the temperature of the heated solution never reaches the point to generate nearly boiling steam and is pressurised and injected into the carpet.

It is allowed to sit for ten to 15 minutes, then extracted with a vacuum.

The advantages of this type of carpet cleaning include the following:

  •  Removing soil from deep in the carpet
  •  Using high-cleaning concentrate, pressure, and temperatures
  •  Allows extended dwell time for cleaning solution reaction
  •  The most widely used method.
  •  Industry cleaning professionals, experts, and carpet manufacturers recommend the method.

However, there are also cons. These disadvantages are below:

  •  Equipment requires maximum efficiency.
  •  A higher cost factor
  •  We reduced drying time by using powerful equipment from skilled professionals.

Carpet Cleaning Methods – Bonnet Cleaning

Generally, this method resembles the shampooing process described above. It employs a rotary floor machine on the bottom with an absorbent pad.

First, technicians vacuum the carpet. Then, we will spray a solution on the mat with an electric sprayer or hand pump. Secondly, the solution stays on the carpet for the needed reaction or dwells time. Next, the bonnet or pad resembles a towel. The pillow blocked a rotary machine and spun over the carpet surface at 100 to 300 RPM.

auckland carpet cleaning methodsAbove all, the action penetrates the carpet’s fibres with a cleaning solution picked up with the soil afterwards.

Advantages include:

  •  Inexpensive, simple, and fast
  •  Lightly soiled carpets see excellent results.

The disadvantages are:

  • Only the top third of the fibres can be cleaned.
  •  It is not capable of reaching deeper.
  •  Cleaning solutions and dirt accumulate at the bottom portion of the carpet fibres.

When one side of the pad becomes soiled, We will reverse it until both sides are soiled. Thus, at which time is it replaced?

Carpet Cleaning Methods – Foam Cleaning

Indeed, this system uses detergent in the form of foam. Perhaps machines are available that generate foam agitated on the carpet by brushes. The foam is then removed with trapped soil by an extraction-vacuum pickup.

Indeed, it works into the fibres with a counter-rotating brush-fitted machine. It also provides agitation or rubbing action on the carpet.

As a result, it suspends the soil and the wet/dry vacuuming that follows to remove it.

Carpet Cleaning Methods – Encapsulation Cleaning 

In addition, an absorbent dry compound is sprinkled on the carpet and worked into the pile by a machine. Indeed, we will vacuum it after half an hour. At any rate, it removes the soil suspended by the compound.

Specialised cleaning solutions and agents are mixed with a powder and spread over the carpet. It works into the fibres with a counter-rotating brush-fitted machine. The powder absorbs soil and then is vacuumed after ten to 15 minutes.

Advantages include:

  •  No technical training is required for a simple system.
  •  Dries fast
  •  The carpet is back in service in 20 minutes.
  •  Disadvantages are:
  •  It traps powders in carpets with a plush pile and builds up over time.
  •  Excessive dust can occur in the home.
  •  The rug can be deep cleaned.

The Right Carpet Cleaner

Professional carpet cleaning is essential for extending a carpet or rug’s attractive life. The next question is, how does one choose the right person or firm to do the job?

There is no magical, single method for carpet cleaning. All forms have advantages as well as disadvantages. Moreover, different people can achieve different results while cleaning the same carpet with identical equipment. No technique can compensate for an inept operator. Therefore, it is more important to select the right cleaner than the proper cleaning method.

1. Affiliation With Professional Organisations

Carpet cleaning methods are an ever-changing field. Thus, new cleaning systems, chemicals, and extra services are introduced yearly. Good professional cleaners keep abreast of such changes and continuously improve their services. They are using suitable carpet cleaning methods together. Affiliation with professional trade associations goes a long way.

2. Recommendations  

Could you ask the cleaner for the names of previous customers? What’s better is that our company, Auckland Carpets Steam n Dry, have a list of carpet cleaning review links:

Call the references and find out about their cleaning experience. Ask about the cleaner’s appearance, their manner of presentation—the condition of their equipment and their ability to answer questions. Otherwise, find out if the cleaning experience was pleasant and if they would return to the same firm.

3. Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Could you check with the local CAB to see if there are any complaints against the firm you are considering? If yes, how effective was the firm’s response to the criticism? Did they remedy the problem to the consumer’s satisfaction?

4. Watch Out for the Low End

Misleading advertising and glib sales tactics disadvantage cleaners who offer quality service. Advertisements promising carpet cleaning at unbelievably low prices (like $5.95 a room or two rooms for $10.95) are prevalent these days. You are probably correct if you think they are too good to be true. Quality service requires investments and takes time. It is not possible to offer excellent service at low prices. In conclusion, do not fall victim to low pricing or bait-and-switch tactics.

5. You Can Contribute To The Success Of A Cleaning Job

The cleaner can alter the chemical cleaning procedures to fit the specific needs of the clean carpet. Describe the carpet’s use and conditions—likewise, all previous home and professional cleanings to your professional cleaner. For example, if you shampooed the mat several times before, it is reasonable to expect the presence of some detergent residue. Your cleaner may change the cleaning solution to compensate for this information.

If your carpet has stains, point them out to the cleaning crew. Tell them how long the colours have been and what may have caused them. Some spots and stains from bleaches, urine or mildew are hard to remove even by the most proficient cleaner. Knowing about them will prevent disappointments resulting from unrealistic expectations.

1. Circulate the air to speed up drying time. Let’s slightly open a window to let in the fresh air.

2. Do not allow children or pets to crawl or walk on the cleaned carpet for at least 24 hours, preferably longer until the carpet is thoroughly dry.

3. Do not walk on the freshly cleaned carpet for at least 4 hours or more until dry to the touch.

4. Only remove aluminium or plastic pieces under the furniture once the carpet is dry.

5. Vacuum after the carpets are dry and then vacuum regularly.

Carpet Cleaning Methods – Carpets Are Investment

Carpet, rugs, upholstery, and draperies are among your most essential possessions. Chances are a great deal of money was spent acquiring them. You can protect your investment and take the time to find professionally trained carpet cleaners, such as Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning. You will be surprised at the number of problems that can develop from an unfortunate lack of care and maintenance.

Even though choosing the right cleaner won’t guarantee the complete absence of the issues, it will significantly reduce the chances. Selecting a good carpet cleaning company like Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry will ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

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