Outdoor Carpet Clean

Cleaning Outdoor Pile

outdoor carpetAn outdoor carpet is any carpet intended for outdoor purposes. Indeed, it is designed and produced to cover decks and patios, not walkways. It is generally made of synthetic materials; therefore, it is cheaper when compared with other types of carpets. At the same time, an outdoor rug provides function and style. After knowing what an outdoor mat is and how to install an outdoor carpet, I’ve shared below how to clean an outdoor rug (and the necessary things required).

Indeed, you can see many different outdoor carpet styles at home improvement stores and flooring and carpet stores. This type of carpet remains widespread, reflected by a much broader variety in style.

Things Needed For Outdoor Carpet Clean:

Any bleaching agent
Detergent or soap
Soft brush


  1. Firstly, vacuum the carpet.
  2. Next, make a solution of water and soap or detergent.
  3. Then, scrub the rug using the soap-water solution. You can concentrate more on any stained areas.
  4. After you have scrubbed the entire area, rinse the outdoor carpet thoroughly. And you can work with a garden hose to clean the carpet if needed.
  5. Also, you may bleach the remainder of the stains. But before bleaching the entire stained area, you must first try a small part of the carpet to ensure it won’t fade.
  6. Finally, allow the outdoor carpet to dry naturally.

Above all, we target only one thing regardless of how you clean your outdoor carpet. Have a clean and safe outdoor rug so the family can have a perfect home. Indeed, Steam ‘n’ Dry follows the Environmental Protection Agency for Products’ Safer Choice standards and the Ministry for Primary Industries government standards in outdoor activities.

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