Berber Carpet Cleaning

Berber Carpet Cleaning

berber carpet After the bulky handcrafted wool, the Berber carpet is textured and used by the Berber tribe in North Africa. These days, the Berber carpet follows much of the tradition of the Berber tribe using flecked bulky yarns to produce beautiful rugs. Compared to other choices, the top factors in buying Berber carpet are listed below.

Con’s. It is prone to shedding wool into the air, which can cause allergies in asthmatic sufferers.

We pay close attention to detail at Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning to guarantee that each rug receives the proper cleaning and maintenance. Indeed, we also work to the highest carpet cleaning industry standards for carpet maintenance and have expert training to IICRC-certified standards. Since no two Berber rugs are similar, adopting the appropriate maintenance procedures is critical. Because each Berber carpet is composed of a unique or unusual combination of fibre, it is rigorously scrutinised before any actions are taken.

As Berber rug cleaning professionals, we have the expertise and abilities to ensure you return your rug in a new, clean state, free of the dirt and bacteria embedded in it.

How To Clean White Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is one of the hardest carpets to clean. Its looped weave protects it from dirt and makes the soil very hard to remove once it enters the fibres. The cleaning task is even more complicated when the Berber carpet is white because the stains are pretty noticeable on its light surface. It is essential not to overwet your carpet when cleaning it as this could permanently damage the carpet fibres—Berber Carpet Experts Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning service. To properly clean your white Berber carpet, you will need a stain remover, a towel, a seam cleaner, and a vacuum cleaner.

Berber Carpet Cost-Effectiveness

Aside from being mainly the most economical carpets to buy. Hence, Berber is also among the most economical mats to have installed. Since it is a smooth carpet to lay, it is possible to find installation at less per square foot than other rugs.

Warm And Cozy

The manufacturing process designed wool loops with an incredible number of air pockets. Hence, the carpet has a tremendous cushiony feeling when you walk on it. It also has an insulation factor due to the weave, which helps control the room’s temperature.


Berber is an ideal choice for any person with allergies or children. Berber is both non-toxic and non-allergenic. Furthermore, it prevents bacterial growth right in its tracks. However, it is known to cause asthma allergies due to shedding.

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