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mould Our Mould Removal Cleaners Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry expert technicians are equipped with specialist formula black mould cleaner to remove this black mould from your property.

A significant mould infestation can ruin your home and your health. The first step in mould remediation is learning how to remove mould and perform black mould removal.

Almost certainly a dirty or filthy place, right? Thousands of homeowners and also entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars annually trying to get rid of mould.

Did you know that almost every indoor environment has mould at low levels?  It’s true! But when there is visible mould in a home, or the number of airborne mould spores is higher than average, a mould problem exists. Call the Experts our Mould Removal Cleaners Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry service. Over 33 years of servicing South Auckland North Shore, East, West Auckland on 0800 783-266.

Mould Removal and Remediation Services

Once our Mould Removal Cleaners Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry service fully trained specialists treat the affected surface with our black mould cleaner, they will provide essential advice and guidance on preventing the mould from reoccurring. If you have noticed the appearance of black mould on your walls or other surfaces, it is better to get in touch with us. Mould Removal Cleaners Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry service minimise any further spread and ensure that it does not become harmful or hazardous to your health.

However, when the problem is beyond the homeowner’s capabilities, that’s when our Mould Removal Cleaners Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry service is the best choice to perform mould removal, remediation, abatement or mitigation. At our Mould Removal Cleaners Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry service, we don’t overblow the problem, use scare tactics, or recommend burning your house down.  We can deal with all mould problems professionally without breaking your bank account.  That’s also part of the Mould Removal Cleaners Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry service Difference.

If not handled, it can be an eyesore and a health hazard to humans. Potentially causing allergic reactions, produce toxins and make humans sick. It can also cause fungal infection.

Once you recognise that you have a severe problem with mould issues, you should start planning how to prevent them. In contrast, you can effortlessly do this by calling an exterminator. Surely you can save money by killing the moulds yourself. Fortunately, most of the things you need for mould removal quickly found in your own home. Therefore, if you are searching for information on how to kill mould, here are details that have shown that’s quite fascinating to read.

How to Remove Mould?

First, you must establish whether the mould is just on the surface or are also hiding inside walls, for the reason that moulds sometimes hide in locations that require expert services. Consequently, you need to buy test gear and plan for specialist mould removal where required. On an occasion where you are not sure if there are black poisonous moulds in locations you cannot easily reach, you recommend hiring expert services to eradicate the moulds.

However, if the moulds are on the surface, you may get rid of them by yourself. If the body is dry, never attempt to clear the moulds because this enhances scattering the spores. The best thing to do is spray some water on the surface using the spray bottle to make the body wet. The dampness will cause the moulds to remain in position while cleaning.

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Mould Cleaning

Hi, my name is Graeme Stephens. When I started Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland in 1988, I wanted to be the best mould cleaner in Auckland to build the business. Learned from the best from the word go, the international IICRC and a local franchisee carpet cleaner owner. I invested heavily in premium truck-mounted cleaning equipment. I experimented with every carpet and upholstery pre-spray until I found the best and safest citrus-based product available, no matter the cost. Also, I specialise in Auckland mould cleaning, upholstery and flooded carpet drying restoration and specialise in silk-wool rugs and upholstery, red wine, pet urine damage odour and stain removal. I am a recommended mould cleaner for top-end property managers.

I take great pride in my work, and customer satisfaction is our top priority giving us an excellent reputation as the number one Auckland carpet cleaning company. Besides, I also take on all jobs from residential to commercial cleaning jobs, including high rise apartments making sure everyone is 100% satisfied with our cleaning and restoration service.

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